Brand awareness isn’t what it used to be. You don’t need to purchase expensive commercial time on the TV or rent a billboard to improve your brand awareness, like your grandpa used to. Now you can find your potential customers in their entertainment, in your data or even looking for you!

There are a lot of ways to increase your brand awareness, here are our 6 favorite ways you can improve your brand awareness today:


Influencers have quickly become one of the best tools in any marketer’s belt. An influencer mention quickly improves your brand awareness because it’s someone who already has an audience that listens to them and trusts them, even look up to them! And if an influencer says that they can become just like them if they use your product, you’ll see how profitable influencers can be. That’s why Kim Kardashian, arguably one of the biggest influencers in the game can reportedly make half a million per sponsored post.

Choosing an effective Instagram influencer

Choosing the right influencer tho is crucial to your success. If say you’re selling a beauty product and you want an Instagram influencer you’ll see a LOT of profiles that seemingly fit your requirements. Lots of young women with a decent amount of followers and beautifully taken photos of them and their personal accessories. You contact them and they even have very affordable prices! You may have just won the lottery, or, most likely, that’s a fake influencer.

Nowadays it’s easy to create a fake Instagram profile, fill it up with random images following one theme, buy a lot of fake followers that may even comment on their photos and try to pass it as an influencer for a quick buck. These “influencers” will of course be completely useless to improve your brand awareness.

Here’s a quick checklist on identifying a fake influencer:

  • Weird engagement: Fake influencers may have thousands of followers, but just a handful of comments. Extra bonus if most of those comments are something like “that’s amazing!”, “great pic” or “wow”; generic comments that can be used for any post.

    • Pro tip: A specially effective influencer will have a decent followers-to-comments ratio filled with real people tagging other real people.

  • Lack of post consistency: Sometimes they post a lot of content, followed by long periods of no activity.

  • Fake Followers: Fake influencers will have fake followers. A quick look into their followers will clearly show you if they’re real people or not.


Another killer type of influencers are podcasts. They have the capability to improve your brand awareness further than an instagrammer. Think about it. Their audience are engaged to their content for way longer than they would interact with any photo. The whole reason to listen to a podcast is to listen to their opinions! And what’s more, unlike photos, people will keep going back to those episodes where your brand is featuring, which can translate into a small but constant traffic source.

Brands like Blue Apron, Mack Weldon and MVMT watches have found a lot of success using podcasts to increase their brand awareness and sales. They’ve also found that building a lasting relationship with podcasters mean that their listeners start to relate the podcast to their brands.

Nowadays a quarter of the American population listens to podcasts monthly. All you need to do is to segment your market (like we’ve shown you here), look for podcasts for a particular segmentation and listen up. Once you find the ones that work, give them leeway to make your script their own. It will not only make for better content for them, it’ll also make it more profitable for you.


The absolute most effective way to improve your brand awareness will always be word-of-mouth advertisement. Converting your clients into your spokesman will be a piece of cake if you provide above and beyond customer service.

Make sure your brand is engaging with your clients. Listen to them. Make them feel valuable. Treat them better than you expect to be treated. Did someone contact you because of a negative experience? Use that! Listening to them and giving them a special perk and an outstanding experience can transform an unsatisfied client into a brand preacher!

Another way to make sure your clients will have a great time with you is making sure their unboxing experience is as great as possible. You may know your brand from back to front but your clients, specially the new ones, don’t.

Remember: their experience with your product doesn’t start when they use it, but when they receive them. Use branded packing and make sure it’s attractive.

Think about how you can express your brand’s ideals into the packing. Is your product luxurious? Use packing that showcases the product almost like a ring in a leather box. Is your product eco-friendly? Use recycled materials. Does your product need instructions? Maybe print a card with them instead of just slapping them on the label.

Your product can wow your clients from the very start just by using the right packaging.


You’ve probably heard something like “I researched so much that I even went to the second page of Google”. It’s funny because it’s true! Most people will barely look at the bottom results of the first page, let alone click to the second page of their search results.

Researching SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) strategies is crucial so people can find you online. If you haven’t, learn everything you can about SEO or hire an expert to make sure your website is optimized. It should at the very least be the first result when looking up your brand.

Once your page is optimized you want to keep creating strategies. Look into creating written content with relevant keywords. Use inbound marketing and SEO strategies together.

Finally, increase your traffic and domain authority with guest posting. Look up similar but non-competitive brands or blogs and offer to write content for them. Make sure to add a link to your website so their readers can reach your site.

SEO isn’t going to give you results today, but having a good SEO strategy is still one of the best ways to sustainably and reliably increase your brand awareness and traffic.


You’ve probably noticed that the amount of people who buy is fewer than the amount of people that visit your website. Don’t let them get away!

That audience may be more valuable than you think. You already managed to get them to your website, meaning you don’t have to introduce them to your brand. They may even already have a product that they liked!

By targeting that audience you can easily improve your brand awareness by becoming the authority of the product in that early stage. It can also help your brand to appear larger than it really is!

They may have left because they were checking different options, so you can remarket them to remind them that you’re still there. They may have left because the prices were too high for them so remarket them with an offer.

Add a remarketing strategy and you’ll be solidifying your brand’s awareness to the 96% of visitors that already know your brand, even if they didn’t purchase!


Are you taking advantage of your audience in social media? Having a Facebook page isn’t enough; you have to update it constantly to improve your brand awareness.

When choosing where you want to have presence keep this in mind: It’s better to be great at a few social media platforms than average at a lot. Choose a few and invest on them.

Look at Wendy’s for example. They’re famous for their irreverent and sassy tweets. However, how often do you hear about their Instagram posts? Even a gigantic company like that knows that the best way to do social media is to be amazing at just one platform. If you’re choosing Instagram get a great photographer. If you’re choosing Facebook make sure you provide amazing visual content.

Don’t know what to post? Here are a few ideas:

  • Infographics: Everyone loves infographics, specially when they’re about something they care about. It’s an easy way to convey large amounts of information in a colorful and engaging way. What’s more, it can increase your brand awareness because it’s so easy to share.

  • Interactive posts: Find out what people like with polls or Facebook reactions. It doesn’t even have to be necessarily about your brand! Find funny content and invite your audience to tag their friends.

  • Free Stuff: Everyone loves free stuff. Have a contest so people can win free products by increasing your brand awareness and tagging people, sharing your content and even taking photos with your products!


If you want to increase your brand awareness powerfully and effectively but want to avoid the headache doing so, the best way to do it is with a professional. Getting a reliable company that specializes in improving brand awareness removes all the guesswork from the picture and gives you results faster than you can get by yourself.

At Halsted Strategy Group we can help you improve your brand’s awareness at every step of the way, helping you with concept testing, understanding your customer’s journey and measuring market effectiveness. We’re here for you to help you understand all of the data. Reach out to us and find out what we can do for you today right here!