We focus on three key questions to

better understand consumers.



A successful segmentation highlights your most valuable customers, re-imagines how you can transform your brand to cater to them, and provides an easy way to find them.

By starting with this end in mind, we craft an effective segmentation leveraging best-in-class analytics that drive real marketing.


Tracking brand performance is paramount to understand market impact. Through a nimble platform to measure your performance, we provide a snapshot of brand effectiveness and a plan for what to do next.

By monitoring KPIs, including overall brand awareness, we focus on understanding what drives business impact and how it aligns with your internal strategy. Through a real-time dashboard, you can always keep your finger on the pulse of the market, and understand opportunity.

A&U Studies

If you’re curious about the state of the market today, there’s no better way to get a holistic view than a Market Attitude & Usage study. We focus on who comprises the market, their key purchasing behaviors, their rationale for buying, the latent attitudes that exist within the market, and unmet needs which can uncover white-space opportunities.


Brand Tradeoffs

Consumers make choices everyday. By focusing on the latent drivers of choice, we get a much clearer lens on “real world” decision making. Leveraging MaxDiff and a variety of Conjoint methodologies (CBC, ACBC), we explore simulated scenarios that encompass all the key factors of consumer choice.

By knowing what matters and what doesn’t, marketers can optimize SKU offerings, packaging, and brand appeal.

Consumer Journey

Understanding the funnel is critical, but it’s a journey map fully-equipped with customer data by touchpoint, behavioral stages, and sentiment that will eliminate the guesswork with what motivates customers to grow with your brand. Instead, uncover exact moments that help customers succeed, and allocate your efforts to encourage more of them.

Concept Testing

We use concept testing to explore how consumers will react in-market, without the need for a national rollout. Used effectively, concept testing can provide a clearer vision of the consumer proposition, understand the reasons to believe, and isolate specific benefits and drawbacks of the product.

This allows for optimization prior to full launch, and can help you have a successful product in market from day one.

Architecture Studies

As you roll out new products, a cluttered ecosystem can lead to cannibalized sales. Through a series of tradeoffs and brand affiliation, we create product architectures and market maps that allow for each product to stand on its own, while sitting under a brand halo that maximizes sales.


Ad & Copy Testing

A bad advertisement not only wastes money, it erodes your brand. By testing your ads before they hit digital or traditional channels, you can ensure that what you’re putting in front of consumers resonates, reinforces your equity, and makes them want to buy.

Even with a limited budget, ad testing is one of the best bangs for your buck, and provides insight on making the best use of your marketing budget.

Channel Attribution

As digital marketing continues to evolve, it becomes more critical to understand the role of each channel and website. Consumers may interact with paid, owned and earned media, across a variety of devices before interacting with your brand. To optimize your mix, you must understand how each channel impacts the funnel, and the ROI.

Local Impact Tests

For traditional media, a nationwide ad rollout can be costly. At HSG, we focus on testing the efficacy of localized adverting (commonly through Radio, Out of Home, or targeted Digital).

Through a pre-test / post-test methodology, we find individuals in your market of interest and identify the key funnel metric and brand equity shifts that are the result of specific advertising.

With this data, it can build the case for a national rollout or allow you to abandon campaigns that do not excite consumers.