We follow a few simple rules to keep our work in perspective. Here is what you can expect from us:

focus on the story

Focus on the story

There is no perfect framework. We use varied methodologies to shape brands, because honestly, what’s worked in the past is not guaranteed to work for you. The right story is the one you can compellingly share… and that’s what we’re seeking to deliver.

partners in crime

Partners in Crime

Clients tell us we’re down-to-earth, yet unrelenting thought partners. We love what we do, and it comes through in the research we do, the stories we deliver, and our trust in the process. Our foundation is built on working with you to ensure that the story is impactful and compelling.

work smarter

Work Smarter

We don’t have traditional staffing model hierarchies because they usually create more work and lessen the final product. Our team of experts know their craft, and continually hone it, allowing direct access to our insights and rationale.

fight through the noise

Fight Through The Noise

The modern age creates increasingly complex relationships and constant change. No single source should be trusted to understand consumers shifts and trends. Without context, behaviors can seem counterintuitive, but there is always more to the story.

mike bio.JPG

Mike Alley, Founder

Mike brings over 10 years of insights-driven consulting experience: using data to transform brand strategy, marketing communication efforts, and portfolio architecture for some of the world’s leading brands.  His past clients include Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Google, Dollar Shave Club, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Wendy’s, and Delta Dental, to name a few. 

He began his career at Nielsen in their BASES department, developing volumetric models for new-to-market goods.   He then honed his analytic prowess at Analytic Partners, developing time-series market mix models for Procter & Gamble. While at Prophet, Mike developed segmentation, choice models, and other advanced data models to serve as a baseline for fundamental brand shifts.  Prior to founding Halsted Strategy Group, Mike opened and led the Chicago office of Kelton Global, a market research consultancy.

Mike has a simple approach to insights…they should be data-driven but intuitive to non-data junkies. He lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife, two young kids, and one old cocker spaniel.  When not working he enjoys building things in his workshop, listening to country music, and exploring bourbon. Mike has a Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University